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WoolWax™ Lanolin Undercoating 55 Gal. Drum. Straw or Black. Shipping included.

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** We ship Woolwax™ drums to Canada every day. Shipping & Customs fees included in price CAN$ **
* They deliver on a 53' trailer truck. It must be a commercial location.
* If you do not have a forklift, there is an additional charge for a liftgate delivery.
* If you are ordering 55 gal/208L drums, please call us to confirm. 888-341-4600

Woolwax™ is formulated to be thicker and more resistant to wash-off .

WOOLWAX™ is a lanolin based auto / truck undercoating made from raw WOOLWAX™.
WOOLWAX™ sprays on wet and does not dry out.
WOOLWAX™ creates a thin lanolin film barrier to keep moisture and oxygen away from the base metal. * Solvent free. Environmentally friendly. * Always active and creeping into inaccessible areas. * WOOLWAX™ will thicken to a gel film after applied and is very resistant to wash off. * Provides vehicle undercarriage protection for a full season. * Enclosed areas (doors, frame-rails, rocker-panels, etc., that are not exposed to road-wash will be protected indefinitely (years). This is the advantage of no solvents. There is nothing to dry up and evaporate.

WOOLWAX™ is a non-drip formula. We make it to be as thick as possible to resist wash-off, yet still easily sprayable.
WOOLWAX™ can be applied with most undercoating guns using a pressure of 70-90 psi. Proudly manufactured in U.S.A.

Note: WOOLWAX® contains more raw woolwax (lanolin) than any competitive product. This makes WOOLWAX® a more viscous (thicker) formula and much more resistant to wash-off. Because of this thick formulation it may be necessary to warm the WOOLWAX® for a few minutes in front of a floor heater, before spraying. Once applied the WOOLWAX® will thicken to it's original viscosity which is very resistant to wash-off and will provide a longer period of protection.

Shipping is free to almost all locations in Canada. Please keep in mind that we are shipping from the USA and all orders need to clear customs. Please expect delivery in about 5-7 business days. (sometimes more, sometimes less). If you are really in a hurry for the product, we have no way to expedite or guarantee a firm delivery date .Please give yourself enough time. We have arranged to "pre-clear" electronically all our shipments with Canada Customs.. All the prices listed on our site includes all shipping costs, customs fees, and all of Canada taxes. You pay only the price that is listed (in $CAD)

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WOOLWAX® CANADA....Now shipping to Canada. 888-341-4600