Lanolin Applications

Motor Vehicles:
Protection of all electrical components including fuse boxes, starter motors, alternators, pumps and generators
Moisture repellant for inside doors and tailgates, internal vehicle panels and electrical cabinets
Protection and lubrication of battery terminals and carriers, springs, twist locks, wheel hubs all brake hardware, wire cables, chains, nut and bolt threads

Protection and lubrication of circuit boards, control boxes, switchgear, toggle switches and electrical connectors,
Protection of the micro-processing equipment of refrigeration units on road, rail and sea vehicles

Timber or Leather:
Protection, rejuvenation and preservation of timberwork, leather, plastic and vinyls

Farm & Gardening:
Protection of mowers, whipper-snippers and slashers to prevent corrosion
Prevents grass, fertilizer and mulch from sticking to equipment

Marine Equipment:
Moisture repellent and lubricant for outboard motors
Corrosion prevention for fishing tackle, reels and rods
Corrosion prevention and lubrication for trailers and hardware
Protection and lubrication of wire rope, pulleys and cables, electric switches, metal and plastic zippers

Sporting Equipment:
Protects and repels moisture when rubbed into shoes, gloves, saddles, and any leather products.

Lanolin based rust preventive and corrosion inhibitor.
  • Auto and truck undercoating
  • Marine motors
  • Stop rust on boat trailers and utility trailers
  • Protect automobile undercarriages
  • Works great on outdoor power equipment.
  • Long term lubrication for locks, hinges, garage door tracks, etc.
  • Lanolin will not evaporate and will last indefinitely
  • More lanolin in WoolWax than any competitive lanolin product.