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Woolwax™ Supreme Plus Undercoating Applicator

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Woolwax™ Supreme Plus Undercoating Applicator 

This Woolwax™ applicator  rust proofing spray gun is developed for the professional and DIY undercoater that requires more advanced features when spraying high viscosity coatings like Woolwax™. 
- Pressurized tank allows for more velocity and the ability to "push" the viscous coating through longer extension wands. 
- Separate adjustment controls for both the air flow, and the liquid coating allow for more precise atomization settings and spray patterns. 
- Built in safety valve on tank canister which allows the user to safely release the tank pressure before unscrewing the cannister.  
- 32 oz. extremely durable high hardness aluminum canister
- Components from Italy and U.S.A. 

The Supreme Plus Applicator gun comes complete with a complete assortment of hoses and attachments. This applicator gun has everything ALL INCLUDED.
* Supreme Plus Applicator gun with 32 oz. aluminum cannister and quick connect spray nozzle. 
* 60" flexible extension hose with (3) different screw on nozzles. 90° wand,  180° and 360° screw on tip nozzles. 
* 45°  10 inch large diameter hook wand with 18" flexible hose, anodized gold handle and heavy duty swivel. This wand is larger diameter (ID) for better coating flow output.  
* 32" flexible nylon hose with 360° nozzle on end. 

* Additional 32 oz. canisters are available if needed. 

* 60 - 90 psi working pressure
* 120 psi maximum pressure
* 7-11 CMF
* Air connection inlet thread-  1/4" NPT

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